We supply our oils in the following packaging

Tanker trucks (10-25 t)

Tanker trucks are special vehicles for the transport of all types of liquid. In order to minimise hazards during transportation caused by movement of the liquid cargo, the tanks are equipped with baffles.

IBCs (920 kg)

IBCs (Intermediate Bulk Container) are used for transportation and storage of liquid and free-flowing substances.

Canister (10-20 l)

A canister is a container for the storage and transportation of liquids. Canisters of between 10 and 20 litres are planned for mid/end of 2016.

Certificate to follow (PDF)

Steel barrels (190 g)

Barrels are generally used for storage of liquids over a specified period of time.

Oil in bottles (on request)

If you, as a customer, require our oils in bottles with our or your label please get in touch with us. We work in cooperation with a filling company which, for quantities upwards of the size of a steel barrel (190 l), can fill oil into vessels of 0.3l., 0.5l and 1l.

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