Which oil for which purpose?

Virgin and cold pressed oils are predominantly used in cold cuisines, for example, in the preparation of salads or similar dishes.

Deodorised oils (without winterisation) are used in mayonnaise, sausages, a variety of pastries, vegetables, fish and cheese marinated in oil, all types of spreads, sauces and other food products.

In specific cases they are also used for frying, especially when the products absorb a lot of oil e.g. crisps or croutons.

Fully refined RDBW oils  are used in many foods such as tofu products and mayonnaise. RDBW oils are also used in the organic detergent industry and organic cosmetic industry.

Due to the high degree of processing, these oils can only be used for a maximum of 12 months after the refining process.

Oils which are 'high oleic' (other fatty acid spectrum) are mainly used for roasting and frying. Due to their special fatty acid spectrum with a high proportion of oleic acid, the oil maintains all its positive properties suitable for a longer period and can be used up to temperatures of 190° C.

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